Whether you are in an Uber or on the Toilet...this game is for sure to keep you happily occupied.

■ Endless block puzzle + Time-limited block puzzle mode
■ Whimsical ambiance full of relaxation. Abracadabra!
■ Enjoyable brain training for all ages.


Looking for a new fun block puzzle game with sleek magic-inspired visuals? Want to enjoy the classic block puzzle gameplay but with new more challenging modes?

Play Enchanted Blocks, the new magical take on the block puzzle genre.

Showcase good strategy, sharp thinking, and intelligent decision-making to place the shapes, create lines and smash the blocks to earn points. Delight in the sleek revamped graphics and visuals that take your mind to a new state of relaxation and joy.

Start the magical journey filled with brain-teasing challenges and relaxing puzzle gaming! Play one of the best block puzzle games of 2022!


Fill in the grid with fun block shapes to make complete lines. The more lines the better!
Feel a real thrill when you connect more than 1 line and earn more points. 

Choose between two modes depending on your time and mood: 

Option One

Classic Mode

This infinate block puzzle game mode has endless possibilities. Play for the highest score and try to get to the top of the global scorelist.

Option Two

Time Crunch

Beat the clock! This is a time-limited block puzzle mode for those moments when you need a quick challenge.


While calming and enjoyable, Enchanted Blocks is not an easy game.

There will be tough times when you’ll be out of moves. Especially in the Time Crunch mode where you need to complete rows and lines quickly. For those moments, there is an inventory of magical boosters that will make the game easier for you.


Competing against yourself is fun. But for added excitement, we also added two high score leaderboards for the two different game modes.

Try to improve your place on the leaderboards and see challenges for extra competitiveness and entertainment.